SJ-2400                          Technical and Safety Information Sheet

Structural Specifications
  • This product serves as a coating material designed to be applied to soft PVC substrates. It is also known under its trade-name: PVC Brush-off  
  • This product is normally used as a second coating, following initial coating using SO-2400 and SB-2800 series; the desired shade is then achieved by brushing the surface.
  • This product can also be used alone without applying primary coating.
  • This product is used for the most part on PVC and PU shoes soles.
Technical Specifications
  • (These technical data are measured and recorded in the quality control lab upon the production of each batch and prior to shipment)
  • Shade measuring: The product is sprayed on to PVC surfaces and colour-matched against the reference shade; then the sample is polished using the proper brush; final approval depends on the approval of the shade and coating, as well as the brushing procedure.
Additional Information
  • This product is available in all base and compound shades.
  • The product’s viscosity has been designed as a ready to use, without dilution with solvents.
Storage Conditions
  • Store for up to one year between 5 and 50 ºC in properly sealed cans.
Industrial Safety
  • This product is flammable.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
These data are correct based on our experiments. Nevertheless, it is recommended that end-users test and verify the products’ suitability, and the correctness of the data, in their own laboratories before entering them in their product line. The end-user is liable for any problems stemming from lack of proper testing.