About Us

Basparlia Chemical Company has started its activity in producing paint and coating on 1998, initially the company was exclusively active in leather industry; But since 1993 with the emphasis on the importance of developing specialized facilities, technical knowledge and the suspension of customers' dependence on foreign products, the company has been able to expand its products to industries such as shoes, synthetic leather, textile, automotive and industrial foam.
Among the honors of Basparlia Company during all these years we can mention obtaining the certificate of “Selected Provincial Entrepreneur in the Industry Sector”, “Membership in Science and Technology Park in 2017” and gaining the approval of “Knowledgebase Manufacturing Company of type I” and “technological license” from Alborz Science and Technology Park is 2017. The company was also introduced to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2018 as a Top Provincial Technology Company.
At present there are 37 employees working in this company, which can be increased by the country’s economic developments.