SEAL-715                                Technical and safety Information sheet

 Structural Specifications
  • Sealant Paste is produced based on emulsion resins. Resins used in these products are highly resistant to washing, solvents, and alkalines. They also enjoy good mechanical resistance.
  • This product is used as sealant in the production of metal drums and cans in different shapes and sizes.

Technical Specifications
Amount Specification
Grey Paste Appearance
8-9 PH*
1/30 ±0.05 Density g/cm3**
Excellent Chemical Resistance
200 maximum Temperature Resistance °C
58% Solid
5 Curing time (min.) for 120 micron thickfilm at 90 °C
*      ASTM E70
**     ASTM D1217  

Storage Conditions
  • To maintain the sealant’s properties over long term, the product has to remain within a plastic covering inside sealed containers. Seriously abstain from leaving open for long periods of time containers holding these products. Do not allow the product to freeze. Store the product between 5 to 40 ºC.

Industrial Safety
  • This product does not contain poisonous or flammable vapors. It is recommended to use safety gloves when handling the product.
  • In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water.
These data are correct based on our experiments. Nevertheless, it is recommended that end-users test and verify the products’ suitability, and the correctness of the data, in their own laboratories before entering them in their product line. The end-user is liable for any problems stemming from lack of proper testing.