Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series       Technical and Safety Information Sheet

Structural Specifications
  • Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series are plasticizer base pigment pastes used in manufacturing of polyurethane industrial foams. These products are compatible with both polyether and polyester systems.
  • Both organic and inorganic pigments are dispersed in polyurethane compatible plasticizers suitable for polyurethane industries.

  • Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series are developed for coloring urethane products, especially for manufacturing of shoe soles and slippers.
Technical Specifications
Property Relevant standard Unit Typical Value
Viscosity 100 ml FORD Cup
(ASTM D1200, Nozzle 5 )
Second *13-40
  • (These technical data are measured and recorded in the quality control lab upon the production of each batch and prior to shipment)
  • *The wide range of viscosity is due to using a large variety of pigments in the process of ST/SL-600 series.

Additional Information
  • Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series have good color strength and good fluidity over a long period of time.
  • Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series can be color-matched according to customers' requirements.
  • Stir well before use.

Storage Conditions
  • Store for up to one year between 0 ºC to 40 ºC in properly sealed containers.

Industrial Safety
  • Liapaste ST/SL-600 Series are non-flammable.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
These data are based on our present knowledge. The information given is intended merely as guidance for the safe handling, use,processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release of the product, and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification. The information relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or process, unless specified in the text.