Liaphen NV-200                                  Technical and Safety Information Sheet

Structural Specifications

  • This product is a Novalac phenolic resin.

This product can be used in the following products:
  • Material resistant to abrasion such as angle grinder.
  • Brake pads.
  • Shoe adhesives.
  • Different forms of industrial felts.
  • Production of sand molds in the casting industry.
  • This resin is available in both the liquid and the solid form.

Technical Specifications
  • (These technical data are measured and recorded in the quality control lab upon the production of each batch and prior to shipment.)
  • Flow:                45-55 mm    at 125 ºC   10% Hexa
  • B-Time:            80-100 S       at 150 ºC  10% Hexa

Storage Conditions
  • Store for up to 3 months at 25 - 35 ºC in properly sealed cans.

Industrial Safety
  • This product is flammable. 
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
These data are correct based on our experiments. Nevertheless, it is recommended that end-users test and verify the products’ suitability, and the correctness of the data, in their own laboratories before entering them in their product line. The end-user is liable for any problems stemming from lack of proper testing.