Lia Paste CP-600                                Technical and Safety Information Sheet

Structural Specifications

  • Lia Paste CP-600 is a polyester-base pigment paste
  • Organic and inorganic pigments are dispersed in suitable polyester in a way that they can be used in the PU synthetic leather industry

  • Lia Paste CP-600 is developed to color urethane products, especially those used in the manufacturing of  PU synthetic leather

Technical Specifications
  • (These technical data are measured and recorded in the quality control lab upon the production of each batch and prior to shipment.)
Amount Measuring Unit Relevant Standard Index
<40 Micrometer ASTM D 1210 Grindometer
  • Shade measuring: A 50-micron film is produced on glass using a film applicator, and colour-matched against the reference shade

Additional Information
  • Our pigment pastes are available as follows:
Light Resistance Heat Resistance (C°) C.I. No. Product Code Product Name
8 300 W6 CP-600M White Lia Paste
7 180 Y34 CP-613 Yellow Lia Paste
7-8 240 R170 CP-633 Red Lia Paste
7-8 240 R184 CP-635 Orange Lia Paste
8 300 B15:3 CP-661 Blue Lia Paste
8 300 B7 CP-673 Black Lia Paste
8 300 G7 CP-683 Green Lia Paste
  • Light Resistance: 8 is considered high, 5 average, and below 5 low

Storage Conditions
  • Store for up to one year at 50ºC in properly sealed containers

Industrial Safety
  • This product is flammable
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes
These data are correct based on our experiments. Nevertheless, it is recommended that end-users test and verify the products’ suitability, and the correctness of the data, in their own laboratories before entering them in their product line. The end-user is liable for any problems stemming from lack of proper testing.